Home Server Updated

This weekend I have completely rebuild the home server using centos. So far I have the following working.

  • iPlayer
  • rutorrent with rtorrent for seedbox
  • openvpnAS
  • Mail relay to Gmail
  • Tomcat via Apache
  • Asterisk installed

I hope to get the following working soon

  • OpenVPN
  • Samba
  • Asterisk Phone System – config

New Hard disk is arriving soon YAY!


Bye for now



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Mum and Dad’s Narrowboat

Went to see Mum and Dad’s Narrowboat today πŸ™‚

(it’s the one on the left, the one we are all looking at)

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Spain Day 2

It has been a lovely day, hot but not too hot. We attempted to walk/climb the rock in Calpe but got 3/4 of the way and gave up, it was just too rocky.
Afterwards we splashed in the pool a bit. I hope to upload a video or a still of me in the pool using my waterproof camera bag, but for now here are some photos (shame about me sticking my tongue out hey πŸ™‚Β  )

Adam πŸ™‚

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Yes, we have arrived safely in Spain for our second holiday in space of a month. Its a nice warm sunny morning here, I am sat by our pool leeching of someone else’s wi-fi. Tonight I hope to upload some photos.

Bye for now


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Canal Photos

We are now back from our canal holiday, Adam slightly redder (and browner!) than before.

We enjoyed our holiday on the canals, and managed to avoid taking any unscheduled swims in the canal or losing our boat.

Below is a slideshow of the highlights of our photos we took whilst on holiday. For the full selection, click here to view.

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Day Two on the Canal

We picked the boat up on Saturday and already I have blisters on my hands from the ropes!

It’s been very hot today, we are very lucky with the weather. We have been through Chirk Tunnel and over the aqueduct, it’s not that high πŸ˜€

I will try an add a photo when we can find someΒ  3G!Β Β  Looks like there wont be much internet on this holiday!


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Bathroom Day Two

Its looking good, as you can just see we now have the border on the wall as well as shower πŸ™‚

only had a one small leak today πŸ˜‰

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Well we made a start on the bathroom today, replacing the bath and tilling behind the toilet and sink.

we were doing very well, we had just started tilling the floor and started to screw the toilet to the floor when my dad shouted to turn the water off – we had gone though a pipe! once that was repaired it didnt take us long to get back to where we were. Its been a long rewarding day and there is more to do tomorrow!

PS tiles go shiny side up πŸ˜‰

PS Just found another leak, water running down the wall into the kitchen. I think I’ve stopped it thankfully it wasn’t under the floor!

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