Adventurers in Server Containerisation

I have rebuilt the server – AGAIN

This time I’m using OpenVZ containers, a bit like virtual machines but with less overhead. The new setup is as follows:

Host system specs: 2×2.4GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 20GB OS disk, 120GB container disk, 2TB storage disk
The host runs a number of services to support the containers

  • HAproxy – to handle host headers and forward the http requests to the containers
  • NFS and Samba servers – to allow the LAN and the containers to access the storage disk

www container – hosts Apache, for hosting this website

MySQL container – hosts all the databases that the other containers need

Deluge container – hosts the Deluge daemon and the Deluge web front-end

Tomcat container – hosts Tomcat, for running my wife’s webapps



Links to the programs used for this project: 

openVZ -
HAproxy -

Home Server Updated

This weekend I have completely rebuild the home server using centos. So far I have the following working.

  • iPlayer
  • rutorrent with rtorrent for seedbox
  • openvpnAS
  • Mail relay to Gmail
  • Tomcat via Apache
  • Asterisk installed

I hope to get the following working soon

  • OpenVPN
  • Samba
  • Asterisk Phone System – config

New Hard disk is arriving soon YAY!


Bye for now



Cacti – Advanced Ping

This a little something I found useful at work, I needed to compare ping times at a resolution of 1minute. I found Cacti and the Advanced ping template for this invaluable.

Operating system, ubuntu 9.10 (will also work with Debian)


cacti ping advanced

Sites Down

What a crazy few days, it appears my DNS provider was giving out the wrong ip address for our home server. I have had to move to another provider while I raise a complaint.

Things should settle down in the next few days, I have added links to e-mail and my parents cruise site on the right.


Media Player

WikiI am quite pleased at the moment, I think I have found the perfect solution to the playing of music Music Player Daemon (MPD). By using this on the server and using a client on my laptop or mobile phone I can edit  the playlists with out having to use the server locally 😀

mp3 media player server

The Server is Alive

Data Center

Finally after a few attempts I have a server running, I was trying to make it silent by installing ubuntu onto a 8GB USB memory stick but ubuntu was having issues with sound. I then tried Kubuntu on the memory stick but it was so slow it was unusable. So now we have Kubuntu running from the Hard Disk and everything works! 😀

I still plan to get a quiet PSU and a passive heat sink on the CPU.

Bye for now