Adventurers in Server Containerisation

I have rebuilt the server – AGAIN

This time I’m using OpenVZ containers, a bit like virtual machines but with less overhead. The new setup is as follows:

Host system specs: 2×2.4GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 20GB OS disk, 120GB container disk, 2TB storage disk
The host runs a number of services to support the containers

  • HAproxy – to handle host headers and forward the http requests to the containers
  • NFS and Samba servers – to allow the LAN and the containers to access the storage disk

www container – hosts Apache, for hosting this website

MySQL container – hosts all the databases that the other containers need

Deluge container – hosts the Deluge daemon and the Deluge web front-end

Tomcat container – hosts Tomcat, for running my wife’s webapps



Links to the programs used for this project: 

openVZ -
HAproxy -
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New XVS650 :)

Very happy 🙂

does 53 mpg

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Tank Repaired

Spent a bit of money and have the dents taken out of the tank and had it re-sprayed

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Nearly Christmas

Presents are bought, wrapped, and in some cases, posted… and Kevis is dressed for the season!

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Look who I saw :)

I will be on google maps at Christmas

Edit: here i am

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Hello World

Hi, my name is Kevis and I am a pet brick, and I have just moved in with my new owners. Before I came here I lived in a large pile of bricks, all neatly stacked and it was very boring. Now I live in a house, and watch my owners do things like eating and using their computers – which is much more interesting than seeing builders walking by.

My new owners have bought me a bed, a bowl and a collar – see pictures below. I am looking forward to my first walkies, but apparently I am not allowed out of the house yet :(.

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Our New Car

Photos of our new Nissan Note






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Air Wick’s Colour Changing Candle

Recently we bought an Air Wick Colour Changing Candle, and was intrigued to find out how it worked.

It was quickly obvious that it cycled through RGB LEDs

We waited for it to burn down and found this:

After some experimentation, we found that pointing a TV remote at it also activates it:

From this, we were able to ascertain that it operates by detecting IR (infrared) – the black-coloured thing that looks like an LED is actually an IR receiver.

The fun never ends 😀



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