Air Wick’s Colour Changing Candle

Recently we bought an Air Wick Colour Changing Candle, and was intrigued to find out how it worked.

It was quickly obvious that it cycled through RGB LEDs

We waited for it to burn down and found this:

After some experimentation, we found that pointing a TV remote at it also activates it:

From this, we were able to ascertain that it operates by detecting IR (infrared) – the black-coloured thing that looks like an LED is actually an IR receiver.

The fun never ends 😀



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1 Thought on “Air Wick’s Colour Changing Candle

  • Hahaha! I don’t know which of us wins for being most geeky: you guys for doing this or me for finding it interesting!! Very cool though! We’ve got to get one to try this, too!

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