Mum and Dad’s Narrowboat

Went to see Mum and Dad’s Narrowboat today 🙂

(it’s the one on the left, the one we are all looking at)

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Spain Day 2

It has been a lovely day, hot but not too hot. We attempted to walk/climb the rock in Calpe but got 3/4 of the way and gave up, it was just too rocky.
Afterwards we splashed in the pool a bit. I hope to upload a video or a still of me in the pool using my waterproof camera bag, but for now here are some photos (shame about me sticking my tongue out hey 🙂  )

Adam 🙂

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Yes, we have arrived safely in Spain for our second holiday in space of a month. Its a nice warm sunny morning here, I am sat by our pool leeching of someone else’s wi-fi. Tonight I hope to upload some photos.

Bye for now


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Bathroom Day Two

Its looking good, as you can just see we now have the border on the wall as well as shower 🙂

only had a one small leak today 😉

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Well we made a start on the bathroom today, replacing the bath and tilling behind the toilet and sink.

we were doing very well, we had just started tilling the floor and started to screw the toilet to the floor when my dad shouted to turn the water off – we had gone though a pipe! once that was repaired it didnt take us long to get back to where we were. Its been a long rewarding day and there is more to do tomorrow!

PS tiles go shiny side up 😉

PS Just found another leak, water running down the wall into the kitchen. I think I’ve stopped it thankfully it wasn’t under the floor!

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The re-wire is done!

Finally it is done. I have now re-wired our house and its nice and safe 🙂

Next week are are going to start re-tiling the bathroom. Fun 😀

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More Wedding Photos

We now have the professional wedding photos, I have uploaded them to PhotoBox which will allow you to view them and order prints at 10p for 6″x4″ photos (40 prints free when you sign up, P+P £1.50). Just follow the link

PhotoBox Album (Professional)
PhotoBox Album (Your Photos)

We will also be disabling the photo upload soon, and moving them to PhotoBox too.

Thanks for now!

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Wedding Day

Thank you to everyone for coming, I have setup a page to allow you to share your photos with us.

Please follow this link to upload your photos of our wonderful day Upload Photos View Photos

I suggest you register with the photo page if you would like us to know who took them 🙂

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