The Egg Master

Okay I got an Egg master for Christmas, this is the first attempt!

Next time I might try with 2 medium eggs….


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Adventurers in Server Containerisation

I have rebuilt the server – AGAIN

This time I’m using OpenVZ containers, a bit like virtual machines but with less overhead. The new setup is as follows:

Host system specs: 2×2.4GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 20GB OS disk, 120GB container disk, 2TB storage disk
The host runs a number of services to support the containers

  • HAproxy – to handle host headers and forward the http requests to the containers
  • NFS and Samba servers – to allow the LAN and the containers to access the storage disk

www container – hosts Apache, for hosting this website

MySQL container – hosts all the databases that the other containers need

Deluge container – hosts the Deluge daemon and the Deluge web front-end

Tomcat container – hosts Tomcat, for running my wife’s webapps



Links to the programs used for this project: 

openVZ -
HAproxy -
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New XVS650 :)

Very happy 🙂

does 53 mpg

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Tank Repaired

Spent a bit of money and have the dents taken out of the tank and had it re-sprayed

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Nearly Christmas

Presents are bought, wrapped, and in some cases, posted… and Kevis is dressed for the season!

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Spare room has been decorated

At last we did it 😀

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Look who I saw :)

I will be on google maps at Christmas

Edit: here i am

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Holiday route

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